Clinical Testing

Clinical Testing Summary

In addition to months of technical testing by our programmers and technical testing team, Zukor's Grind also underwent extensive clinical testing supervised by Dr. Allen Novian, our chief clinical advisor. During the five months prior to Zukor's Grind's release, he and four other clinicians tested Zukor's Grind by using it for their patients' visual and auditory feedback in conjunction with the neurofeedback and biofeedback systems used in their offices.

Although the majority of patients with whom the game was tested were teenagers, both male and female, with diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, the ages of patients ranged from 7 to 55. The results of testing showed that both children and adults responded well to Zukor's Grind as a form of feedback.

Brain Waves

Presenting Issues of the Testing Group

In addition to the wide age range with which Zukor's Grind was tested, a variety of presenting issues were present in the testing group as well, including the following.

Patient Comments

Zukor’s Grind is so much better to play over and over than ----- ---- and the other neurofeedback games. I don’t get bored and it is fun to try to get a high score each period. The tricks are pretty cool also. Next time I want to move up on Top Session Scores. I am currently in 4th place.

- Skateman
Age 14, Male, ADHD Impulsive

I like the speed meter. It helps me to know what I am doing wrong and to refocus, better than the thresholds. I can tell when I look away and lose focus and help me stay focused. Better than that ------- ------- one.

- Sparky
Age 49, Male, ADHD Inattentive

This is better than ----- ----. It’s not so boring. I like this because it has people, aliens, and zombies. I especially like the shark!

- Nickster
Age 9, Female, ADHD Inattentive

Radioactive chickens and zombies in goo. This game is better than the others, because it has more detail and options.

- Immortal
Age 12, Male, ADD Inattentive

Great graphics! On Level 3, nice way to include zombies, aliens, Stonehenge and The monolith. I like the Indian on a Segway. I like the Score Screen with high scores to compete against. The game at night is best!

- Blorp Blop
Age 12, Male, Asperger

This game is more interesting. I can tell the changes in my focus better with speed meter rather than bar graphs.

- Red
Age 14, Male, ADD Inattentive

I like the night time mode. It looks neat! I like it with just the speed meter. It helps to look at the star in the speed meter to keep the skateboarder doing tricks.

- Black Tiger
Age 10, Male, ADHD Inattentive

What I liked about the game was that the character move around in the environment. My favorite part was the techno chicken!

Age 11, Male, ADHD Attentive

I really like trying to beat mine and others people’s scores.